Joni King Models A Vintage Dress At Bananas

While at Bananas interviewing Richard Leonard in pops this woman, Joni. She is poking around and out of the frame of the video I was taking but Richard knew her well as she was one of his regular customers. He had a pile of dresses put aside for her in her size, things he thought she would like, all waiting for her to show up as she apparently does weekly. Now I know we have great merchants Downtown and this is just another example of how our community is special and places like Bananas and others cater on a personal level to our community. You think someone at the mall is going to put certain sizes and styles aside for a customer and have them waiting for them to pop in to try on without notice? Bravo Richard! Bravo Bananas! Bravo Gloucester!

Here’s Joni donning a vintage dress that just happened to fit her perfectly.


~ by Joey C on February 24, 2009.

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